How to Wear It

How to Wear Sneaker Style Shoes by Romina B-D

Romina B-D shares her tips on how to keep up with the rising sneaker shoe trend. Read More. 



How to Embroider Your Own Denim by Nikki Mogilever


The very talented Nikki Mogilever teaches us how to embroider your own denim on a student budget! Read More.

How to Rock a Polo Sweater by Rohan Dutt


Rohan Dutt tears down the pretentious stereotype associated with polo sweaters through his tips on how to rock a polo. Read More.  

Leg Warmth Reinvented by Emily Chackowicz


Emily Chackowicz reveals the ultimate secret on how we can combine both style and maintain leg-warmth! Read More.

Bringing Back the Fanny Pack by Devina Puri

dev 1

Devina Puri makes the case for why fanny packs are making a comeback, and how to wear ’em. Read More. 

Chokers 101 by Shan Wen


Shan Wen teaches us a thing or two about the different types of chokers out there, and how to wear them. Read More. 



How to Rock Different Facial Hair Styles ft. Miaow Meow the cat by Rohan Dutt


In this unconventional and humorous piece, Rohan guides us through how to choose different facial hair styles and ‘how to wear them’ for your face shape. Read More.




Your Guide to Winter Boots by Romina BD


Romina BD, [Ph]assion representative, coaches us through the winter blues by lending her fashion expertise on how to style winter boots. Read More.