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Asset Designs by Sonia Mahajan 

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Introducing Asset Designs. This brand embodies everything we hope to see in the world of sustainable fashion: creativity, individuality and ethical production. Read More.


Atelier Aleur by Sonia Mahajan 


A Montreal based boutique’s take on trendy, chic and practical loungewear for both men and women. Read More.


Nocturnal Roses by Sonia Mahajan


Crystals, craftsmanship and a whole lot of creativity. Introducing, Nocturnal Roses, an earthy vibe jewelry startup based in Australia. Read More.


Badlands Vintage by Sonia Mahajan

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Clothes that can stand the test against time. Introducing Badlands Vintage – a company dedicated to helping you find the most unique treasures from the past. Read More. 


Chance & Fate by Sonia Mahajan 

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.24.43 PMTimeless, basic, classic, essential. These words might be thrown at consumers as marketing ‘hooks’, but Toronto based company Chance& Fate brings concrete value to these words. Read More.



Dangerous by Emily Chackowicz


Emily Chackowicz interviews the mind behind Dangerous, a Toronto based unisex street wear brand. This is a risk you’ll want to wear. Read More. 

Untitled & Co by David Cash



David Cash sat down in an exclusive interview with the owner and designer of Untitled& Co, Cameron Wilson, to speak more on just what makes this new Toronto staple work so well. Read More. 

Les Industries Groom: Bringing the Barbershop Back Home by Sonia Mahajan


With Father’s Day just around the corner, you will want to have a look at our exclusive with Les Industry Groom – the home of traditional grooming products. Read More.


Rumble Apparel: Where You Will Find Every Season’s Five Fashion Must-Haves by Sonia Mahajan


Introducing Canada’s very own Rumble Apparel – a “girl gang” fervently applying ethical and inclusive values in the fashion industry. Read More.


Magnolia Road: The Next Generation of Streetwear Fashion by Sonia Mahajan


Magnolia Road speaks the next generation of streetwear fashion’s voice. Proud Montreal natives, and owners of the brand, Michele and Chris explain how. Read More.

Grassroots Fashion Starts at Corail Blanc by Sonia Mahajan


Jewelry (hand)made just for you. Read More. 

KOOKA by Sonia Mahajan


Your one-stop-shop for all kinds of style. Read More.


Kenny the Label by Sonia Mahajan


From sexy chiffon blouses to cozy sherpa hoodies, Kenny the Label is the newest curated label in the online boutique market. Read More.