My name is Sonia Mahajan, and I started TheStitch to provide young men and women a more realistic experience of fashion while combining my love of fashion with my passion for writing. I would incessantly search for different ways to puzzle together new outfits from my closet, or where I could find unique brands, and what people my age were wearing and why. But I grew frustrated with the lack of options and answers. There were a lot of blogs, but few to no magazines that captured real issues and experiences of fashion. Through this venture, I hope to reinstate self-confidence and uniqueness in people’s closets.

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Founder and Editor: Sonia Mahajan

Chief Editor: Alexander Kloeti

Artistic Director: Ines Wittke

Writers: Emily Chackowicz, Malti Mahajan, Eloïse Gabadou, Devina Puri, Shan Wen, Mateo Mendez, R’ay Fodor, Megi Beqiri

Photographers: Georgia Kohne, Katya Katsnelson, Masha Katsnelson, Sophie Chamberland

Artists: Nikki Mogilever, Katya Katsnelson

Social Media Coordinator: Katja Kathol

To contact any members of our team, submit your work or for any inquiries please contact us at: thestitchmag@gmail.com