A Word On Fashion

Which Fabrics Do Less Harm? A Science-Based Guide to Sustainable Shopping | By Rachael Atkinson


We have all been torn between wanting less for more and staying true to our inner environmentalist…Asset Designs’ Rachael Atkinson’s sustainable shopping guides helps us to find a happy medium. Read More. 



Self-Love with Keidi Janz by Sonia Mahajan

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.08.27 AM

Keidi Janz is redefining the way we look at ourselves. Janz began taking wedding photographs when she was 19, but shifted the focus of her lens onto a different subject: self-love. Read More.

Behind “Red” by David Cash


David Cash reflects on his electrifying photo-series exhibition, Red in an exclusive interview with theStitch magazine. Read More.



Kensington Market by Megi Beqiri 
megi bebe

Megi discusses summer fashion tips in her favourite ‘hipster hideout,’ Toronto’s very own Kensington market. Read More.

Wedding Dress Never Worn by Sarah Sahagian


Sarah Sahagian reflects on her personal and emotional experience behind her unworn wedding dress…Read More. 

Band as a Brand by Emily Chackowicz


Emily Chackowicz questions why we wear clothing that does not reflect what we like as part of the cult following of band-brand t-shirts. Read More.

Fashion Philosophy by Sonia Mahajan


Sonia Mahajan, discusses the fashion philosophy of THEStitch. Read More.

Travel Fashion Guide: Iceland Edition by Megi Beqiri

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Megi Beqiri shares her Icelandic travel vacation wardrobe with us. Read More.

Beaufort Jackets: A Timeless Piece for Our Times by Mateo Mendez

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Mateo Mendez evaluates Barbour’s take on the the classic men’s Beaufort Jacket. Read More.