Self-Love with Keidi Janz by Sonia Mahajan

Keidi Janz is redefining the way we look at ourselves. Janz began taking wedding photographs when she was 19, but shifted the focus of her lens onto a different subject: self-love.

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Janz now hosts body positive self-love sessions in Toronto that entail a unique kind of coaching beforehand. She addresses how we feel about our bodies and the ways in which we are made to feel about them. For example, some of these issues range from concerns about a chubby belly or a big nose. And each session is concluded with a “celebration photoshoot,” which is made to encourage clients to feel sexy and beautiful for themselves.

Self-care projects have become a popular trend in today’s society as people begin to open up and share more of their personal struggles. While the terms sound fluffy and indulgent, Janz points out how crucial it is to our survival both mentally and physically. Every human being can understand that emotions are crucial to our functioning.  A lot of Janz’s work in self-love comes out of her own experiences, and her main goal is to create a safe space and authentic approach to her work.

She reflects that “All love stems from self-love. You cannot give from an empty vessel.”

Interestingly, there are many external factors that influence how people, specifically plus sized women, are coerced into feeling. For example, in response to the “one size fits all” approach, Janz believes that it “should not be up to just one size to feel trendy and fashionable.” She describes that workout clothes especially have few plus sizes, especially in fun and cool patterns, which isolates many people.

It is important to note that there are also a lack of ethically produced plus sized brands online or in large metropolitan cities, such as Toronto. However, working against the lack of options, Janz manages to promote her own style in confidence. Typically sporting darker, earthier tones with intermittent pops of colour whether it is with a textured necklace or bright scarf.

As a business owner dedicated to helping people change the way they feel about themselves, Janz is an inspirational figure to the fashion community because she symbolizes how the industry goes beyond external appearances. In fact, part of her self-love journey for 2018 is to re-evaluate her closet to think about why she chooses certain clothes. Do they hide certain parts more than others? Do your clothes make you feel good? These are all important questions that self-love work brings to the forefront of the fashion industry.

To learn more about Keidi’s self-love initiative, follow her website, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram

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