Atelier Aleur: Slow Fashion’s Take on Loungewear by Sonia Mahajan

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about comfortable clothing is ‘sweatpants.’ Then sweatshops…and my heart begins to sink a little – until the handmade sustainable loungewear brand, Atelier Aleur, began carving its way into the Montreal fashion scene.

The brand promotes a comfortable yet effortlessly chic take on traditional loungewear pieces. ‘The Eliza Robe,’ for instance, is made with 100% poly satin, which gives it a soft texture and shimmery finish. In terms of its structure, the kimono style lapel gives off a regal look, and the short sleeves allow for effortless movement. Both these features show just enough skin to keep it sexy, yet elegant and practical.

(p.s. the Becky Top and Becky Pant make for a great pairing underneath this robe, incorporating many of the same features as ‘The Eliza Robe’)


Founder, Alexandra Watson states, “I want my clients to feel so comfortable in Aleur, that they’re able to reach a state of pure relaxation and find their natural beauty! It’s important the clothing is functional and high quality to achieve that effortlessness look that I love.”

Watson’s fashion inspiration is derived from her first trip to Europe, during which she took particular attention to the style of the Romans and “retro cool style” of her Hungarian relatives. For example, everything ranging from the ‘Bow Back Top’ to the ‘Soho Pant’ adopts the airy, light feeling of ancient tunics and toga – by incorporating these timeless elements into Atelier Aleur, Watson brings a modern twist to old traditions.


However, beyond this unique new take on loungewear, the most significant contribution of Atelier Aleur is its dedication to ethical production and reinvestment into the Montreal fashion community. All the clothing is produced from ‘dead stock fabric,’ which refers to fabrics that have not been able to sell, purchased from Montreal warehouses.

As Watson describes purchasing dead stock “helps to minimize the environmental waste of the fashion industry to buy others excess.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.26.27 AM

Alexandra Watson, Founder of Atelier Aleur

The beauty of having control of her own company allows for the inclusivity of the grassroots fashion community, but also the unique needs of her customers. Many of the brands pieces feature ‘unisex basics’ and sizing can be tailored to fit specific requirements.


Watson’s explanation of the mission behind Atelier Aleur concluded the interview perfectly:

“Wearing handmade clothing is a lifestyle, and choice to be aware of current environmental, economic and social issues. Slow fashion is worth the wait.”

Check out Atelier Aleur on Instagram, or Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and click here to order now!

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