The Power of an Oversized Shirt by Mary Thieffry

Tired of being a university stereotype and wearing sweatshirts everyday? Then this is the perfect item for you! Stay comfortable in all social situations as this oversized item conceals all of your deepest insecurities. Available in a wide variety of colors such as white, black, blue and red, the oversized shirt requires minimal effort and creates the illusion that you have your life together. Not convinced yet? The oversized shirt is easy to pair with just about anything. You can tuck it into the business casual pants your parents bought you for your new hot internship or you can wear it on top of the leggings you have been wearing everyday since 2014. Scared this item is ill fitted for winter? Fear not, the oversized shirt pairs fabulously with a hipster winter coat! With this shirt you don’t need to have your life together to make it seem like you do, so why not try it?


Model: Catherine Morrison

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