Nocturnal Roses by Sonia Mahajan

Age is but a number in the age of start-ups and serial entrepreneurship. Mariam Antar is living proof of it all.

Antar was introduced to the world of innovation through Instagram – from there she combined her passion of crystals, craftsmanship and media at the ripe age of 15 to create Nocturnal Roses. Working a part time job, she saved up enough money to fund the company herself, Nocturnal Roses has been in operation for roughly a year and a half.


Given that the fashion industry is always changing and so saturated, says Antar, jewelry allows you to express yourself in an understated way. It’s almost as though people’s clothes function as the structure of a person, but the jewelry contributes to an insight of their personality and tastes.

“Social media has allowed consumers to voice their opinion towards brands about what they would like to see more of happening in the industry and we want to be the first in the industry to involve our customers in the process. We want is to create a community that brings everybody together in a space that is not particularly inclusive with, for example, the one size fits all models we see on the runway. “

My favourite part about the pieces is the electricity in their colours, which reflects how the most beautiful things truly do come from nature. The stark colours of each stone is perfectly paired with distressed metals to achieve a unique antique/vintage look in every design.


Moreover, Antar’s passion for film, photography and aesthetics comes across in her marketing of each product, as seen on her website and the photos featured in this article.

“In my creative process, I have learned the importance of mastering the art of patience – if one move goes wrong, you need to restart the whole process which can be frustrating at times. But, I love working on each detail, especially in film, which I hope to integrate in shoots for Nocturnal Roses. I really put my heart into everything that I create because I want it to breathe life and have its own soul. The creative process is endless and comes from anywhere and everywhere, I love art in general and I think that is what drives me the most.”


All of Nocturnal Roses’ pieces are designed by Antar in a style she classifies as “edgy but elegant.”

It is also important to note that the stones and crystals used in her earthy pieces are largely supplied in Australia. However far or close her suppliers are, Antar still takes the time to call each one and reflects on spending countless hours over the smallest details to ensure her policy of ethical production.

“People are at the heart of everything I do and with that said I really do care about the people around me and the lives of those who make my vision a reality. At the end of the day, I owe to them for their genius and craftsmanship.”

Antar’s creativity and vision for the company is beautifully summarized in the mission statement on their website: Our jewelry is for the dreamers, believers, doers and crystal lovers of the world, we strive to open the imagination and new world of each individual with one vision.

Check out Nocturnal Roses on Instagram, or Facebook, and click here to order now!

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