Badlands Vintage by Sonia Mahajan

There is something unusual, exclusive and almost elite when you tell somebody the piece you’re wearing is vintage. It symbolizes sturdiness against the test of time. Badlands Vintage is revolutionizing the way we vintage shop. Vancouver natives and sisters, Haley and Julia MacCosham spend endless hours dedicatedly sifting through items in vintage stores across Canada and even on their travels – on a mission to find pieces in minted condition and pay attention to each label. Some of their product is found in their own or friends’ closets.

This process eliminates all the grunt work one is faced with in the hunt for the perfect vintage piece! Moreover, painstaking detail is added to the description of each piece so that people are not surprised with their product.

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Individuality in fashion was largely overlooked by Haley and Julia as they transitioned from a private school to university. As they began having to choose an outfit everyday, and shopping for themselves they quickly realized that Montreal’s popular fast fashion stores were producing cookie cutter looks amongst their peers. They wanted more. Venturing into the hidden parts of the city, the MacCoshams began to discover the abundance of ‘neglected’ fashion.

The name itself, Badlands Vintage, combines the company’s goal of mixing the highs and lows in styles, brands and price point. Haley further elaborated that, “Just like the landscape of real badlands, we want to provide clothes and accessories that can be dressed up, but that also stand on their own, and can be seamlessly styled into any wardrobe regardless of these highs and lows.”

As a result, the style that they promote is highly eclectic. Haley explained it as “the opposite of minimalism.” Each piece from Badlands is textured, leaving room for lots of layering (perfect for Montreal dwellers), and certainly unique. I personally love the challenge of considering all the different combinations in my closet. Moreover, based on this sample of the current Badlands collection each piece is assured to be the next statement in your wardrobe. Take the Dragon Kimono for example, the cloaked sleeves, single button on the chest and sheer material enhances the piece adding another dimension, or an edge to the look.


How often is it that we find ourselves with a sick feeling in our stomach when we spot other people at a party or in class wearing the exact same thing as you. These days it’s ‘in’ to be original. With vintage, you are almost always guaranteed to stock up on exclusive items that nobody else owns, or that most people have callously thrown away. Haley summarized the process beautifully by reaffirming that, “We are giving life to things that would have otherwise been thrown out.”

Haley’s advice when it comes to preowned clothing is, “Not to overthink it.” Imagine that you are standing in a very chic and well made-up store, and hold up each piece up to the light. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly to buy vintage clothing because you are recycling instead of creating more demand for new goods to be produced.

Badlands writes on their website that, “Prior to the fast fashion revolution, clothing was made with both a greater attention to detail and to last a lifetime.” Vintage leaves us with these treasures from the past, and Badlands is helping us find them.




2 thoughts on “Badlands Vintage by Sonia Mahajan

  1. 3C Style says:

    Nice post. Love mixing vintage clothing with contemporary pieces. I’m all about socio-eco-friendly fashion. Hence my blog where you can read about vintage also. I will certainly look for Badlands Vintage. Thanks for sharing.

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