Chance & Fate by Sonia Mahajan

Timeless, basic, classic, essential. These words might be thrown at consumers as marketing ‘hooks’, but Toronto based company Chance & Fate brings concrete value to these words.

Owner and founder, Michelle Wilson, describes Chance & Fate as “Luxurious Basics. It’s all about quality over quantity with a little bit of high street fashion to make a versatile and lasting wardrobe.”

Having grown up on a farm, the availability of fashion was low, and Wilson would pine over new pieces to add to her wardrobe. As a result she took great care in picking out essential, yet trendy items. She characterizes her style as “a personal representation of my creativity”. As she transitioned into a career in healthcare and business, she realized she wanted to explore an opportunity that could combine her artistic instinct and business prowess.

Wilson explained how her “personal experiences as a fashion lover led me to explore new brands and designers” and her online store makes it easier for Canadians to access the obscure local talent worldwide. Another fundamental way that Wilson applies the principal of promoting local branding within Canada itself is through her twice-a-year Pop-Up-Shops where she stocks warehouses and apothecary from local businesses and shops to sell alongside Chance & Fate’s collections.

The dynamic combination of Wilson’s creativity and experience working in innovation enables her to release products based on what consumers need in their closets. “I once read that retail is 90% math, 5% fashion, and 5% good luck. This is true […] that has helped me effectively evaluate my company” reflects Wilson. Let’s analyze some  of my purchases to give you a better idea of what these ‘luxurious basics’ really are!

Leather jackets instantly adds an edge to any outfit, formal or casual, and a layer of texture to ones wardrobe. My ‘Leather Moto Jacket’ has a unique jagged collar, with zip detail along the sides. Moreover, its slight crop shows off layers in an outfit perfectly.

My absolute favourite feature of this classic white tee is that it is designed in an angular manner, which allows me to tie it at one end or keep it long depending on the look I’m aiming for. Keeping it longer makes it easier to use for layering, while tying it (which I prefer to do in the front) makes any figure a little more flattering and is a much more unique option than tucking your shirt in!

My cropped white shirt is ideal for when I wish I could wear my white tee, but need to step up my formalwear. Since high-waisted everything (from work pants, to harems, to jeans) is in these days, I do not have to worry about exposing too much skin in a formal setting. The fringe on the hem of the blouse and the zipper at the back also adds a layer of texture to the piece.

It seems as though the little black jumpsuit has become the new little black dress! Not only are jumpsuits super comfortable, but they actually can be much more versatile than their dress counterparts. What I love about the design of this jumpsuit specifically is the breathability and functionality of it. Doesn’t matter if I dress it up or down, I know I will be able to move around in it comfortably and can transition much easier than a dress from season to season. You get all of the formality (should you chose to style it that way), without the excess exposure!

To combine the words I used at the beginning: basic pieces are timeless and classic which is what makes them so essential. There is something comforting in knowing that although my parents and grandparents probably owned a white tee shirt, each of ours will carry its own meaning and style. In a sense, Chance and Fate is carrying forward a tradition in the history of the fashion industry.

Check out more from Chance & Fate here, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

(P.S. a little message from Michelle: “I love to hear from customers, your input is extremely valuable as I use this information to improve your experience. What would you like to see from a Canadian online store? What do you like about the existing site? What changes would you make? Send your thoughts, feelings and suggestions to – I can’t wait to hear from you!)

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