Untitled & Co. by David Cash

Untitled & Co. is one of the most exciting new boutique brands, making a name for itself in Toronto, Ontario.  Untitled & Co has broken numerous boundaries in the fashion industry by creating their fashion philosophy around a strong aesthetic that is inclusive of all races, gender expressions, sexual orientations and sizes. Their pieces have become a staple in the wardrobes of almost every fashionable Torontonian. Driving forward with a vengeance, Untitled & Co. drops with new clothing every month, weekly pop ups from other affiliated local brands, and daily creative content featuring some of Toronto’s best models and creative talent on their Instagram.


Untitled & Co’s brick and mortar store is located at 438 Queen St West, right in the heart of Toronto’s trendiest shopping district.  The store itself gives off an air of elegant-minimalism-meets-street-style, a dichotomy that is also very apparent in the clothes that they produce.  Cameron, the brand’s founder stated that he “always knew I was going to work in fashion.”

Starting out in the industry as a male model (which he pursued to quite some success for several years), Cameron began reworking vintage clothing and selling it online. Overtime, Cameron and his team began accumulating traction and resources – and thus, evolved into the the ready to wear Untitled & Co. Pieces that we know and love today.  The transformation from reworked vintage pieces to the successful boutique and online stores that Untitled & Co. promotes today, was in Cameron’s words, “a natural evolution, that came to pass over time.”

The store also makes efforts to give back to local designers as Cameron is a big advocate of locally sourced fashion. During the weekly pop ups that Untitled hosts, young designers and new brands are encouraged to reach out to them to gain more traction in the industry. This can be a huge service to young designers seeking exposure given that the online presence and brand Untitled itself is quite formidable.


Cameron believes that supporting local brands is crucial because “the outsourcing in fashion production contributes largely to some of the biggest socio-economic human rights issues in the world. Unfortunately, consumers are largely to blame because they don’t understand the  issues behind their outsourced, mass-produced clothing.” He concluded by urging fashion lovers to think about what they’re buying  because “the cost of what you [consumers] purchase is so much more than just the price tag.”


New pink hoodie

Above all else, Untitled & Co. is a brand that makes trendy, high quality clothing for consumers of all shapes and sizes.  In fact, the brand just released a summer’17 line that will make all of your pastel dreams come true.  Shoutout to their new sweater and “cage” crops. Ladies, (trust me) worth a cop!

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 3.03.56 PM

“Cage” crop





Untitled & Co. is not just a brand, but a lifestyle.  Between the clothing line and the associated entertainment/nightlife brand (@untitledeventstoronto) this boutique has quickly grown into a force to be recognized in the North American fashion community, and is truly promoting Toronto on the street style map.

To find out more about Untitled & Co., check out their their TumblrFacebook and Instagram! Or, stop by their store and ask their friendly staff for some suggestions or check out their beautifully designed website at untitledandco.com for some inspo or a quick online shopping hall.

19095839_1233534533423618_1342244019_o (1)

An exclusive shot for theStitch by David Cash, featuring model Bella Krys wearing Untitled & Co.

To learn more about David and his work click here!

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