Kensington Market by Megi Beqiri

Say goodbye to winter and a warm hello to summer sangrias, cold cervezas (por favor!) and discovering my favorite hipster hideout in the place that I call home…Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario!

Kensington Market is a home to wanderers, an inspiration to free spirits and inhabits a positive vibrancy where diversity is embraced and joy is spread through the exchange of kind smiles.

One easy romper and a metro ride later, I found myself walking through colorful streets surrounded by little shops full of everything vintage, fresh and counter-culture.

My #OOTD? Comprised of two summer necessities:

Number one?

A simple, airy summer romper patterned with light blue stripes, a cute braided belt and a flirty open back that shows you’re not afraid to have a little fun –

And number two?

A pair of classic white sneakers that make walking all day effortless and stylish, no matter what you’re rocking on top. Sneakers are the new summer must-have, saying goodbye to flimsy flops that do not provide the stability or comfort that an adventurer in the city needs.


Yet, I was missing  that extra something, THAT perfect accessory that boldly says

“Hey! Summer is here, and it’s here to stay!”

…and that’s where the Kensington adventure began.

I was searching for the ultimate accessory, that not only embodies the spirit of summer but also the spirit of Kensington Market, a bohemian, lively place full of human art and personality.

megi bebe

At this quaint outdoor boutique created just in someone’s front yard, nestled between the flowy skirts and harlem trousers, I found, my third summer necessity.

A small crossover purse, sewed by hand, that embodied all the reasons why I love summer.  Bright colours, a unique pattern and many pockets (to keep your change for the gelato you’ve been wanting).

Yet, what I gained the most had no price tag, no fee and no weight, but was rather the feeling gained from human connection, genuine interaction. And that’s my fourth summer necessity. Don’t be afraid to have new conversations and talk to the real people around you! From the shop owners that sold me this wonderful purse, to the man selling watermelons passionately, and finally the man with the Bob Marley hat who never fails to say something kind as you walk by, there is always something to share.

bob .png

And so I leave this small adventure, longing for the next, where the only natural question is: “Where to next?”

Stay tuned readers.



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