How to Wear Sneaker Style Shoes by Romina B-D

In the past few years, I’ve noticed that sneakers, with a modern twist, have made quite the comeback in the fashion world. I never pictured myself as a sneaker-lover until last summer when I fell hopelessly in love with the style. Now, I can’t imagine life without them! In this article, I will walk you through different types of sneaker style shoes, how to wear them, and most importantly  how to keep them looking fresh.

For simplicity’s sake, there are two main sneaker types we’ll check out: low tops and high tops. Within these broad categories, there are the casual and sporty looks. Let’s start with high tops!

High-top casual wear sneakers have different ways of being worn. Some look fantastic laced down with the edges folded over for a more “artistic” take on the shoe. If you are going to do that, I would recommend wearing ankle height socks because, personally I find the look becomes crowded with the folded edges and your socks showing. This is especially important if you chose a sportier high top sneaker. However, if you do choose to keep the edges up, and the shoe laced up, appropriately color coordinated socks peeking out of the top can be a very cute touch!

In terms of bottoms to wear with high tops, I would recommend regular to short length jeans/pants, as opposed to shorts/skirts/dresses. The same advice applies to sporty high-tops because you don’t want to clash a basic sports vision with a floral, ruffled vibe. Jeans/pants will hug the top of the sneaker so you’re not left with a lot of fabric scrunched around the top of the shoe. However, if you cannot find a pair like that, longer jeans/pants look great cuffed up so that the bottom hugs the top of the shoe, but also ads layers to the look.

Moving on to low-tops (a.k.a. my current favorite!). From classic, to sporty if I won the lottery today I would buy them all.

My number one rule with low-tops is 100% hide your socks! My biggest pet peeve is seeing socks peeking out of low-tops that clash with the colors of the sneaker itself (ignore my faux-pas in this photo!). I would definitely recommend investing in a pack of black, white and/or grey ankle socks if you buy a nice pair of low-top sneakers.


I absolutely love the new trend of switching up the classic fabric low tops for more niche materials. My most recent purchase has been a pair of shiny sneakers, which are all the rage in 2017. They give any look a nice ‘pop’ and surprisingly can be paired with more outfits than you would think! In terms of how I style my low tops, again, I love cuffing up jeans/pants instead of allowing fabric to awkwardly bunch up at the end of my legs. Continuing on, this idea of varying material, if I were to pick my three current favorites, and wear them forever, I would pick one sporty/sweat proof material, one shiny, one leather-y fabric low-top… and okay let’s add a fourth because I couldn’t let go of a nice velvet material old school low-top!

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas about sneaker styles, let’s talk about how to maintain them. If you’re like me, I tend to invest in more expensive shoes. However, I feel as though it’s worth it because I make it a point to maintain and clean them regularly instead of wearing them down until I have to buy a whole new pair.


One of the many beauties of fabric sneakers is that they are machine washable! Just take the laces out, spray stains and laces with a stain remover (beware of indications concerning bleach in the ingredients and if it goes with colors), tie the laces to the loop of a pant or something, put the shoes in a net bag and throw them in the wash on the delicate cycle! When you take them out, let them dry upside down overnight, and…voila! As good as new.

For leather or shinier types of sneaker materials, a lot of shoe stores sell wipes and lotions to clean these fabrics. I swear by these things! You just need one wipe to clean the whole shoe, or to put a little dot of the cleaning lotion on a tissue and clean the surface. As for the plastic rim surrounding the shoe, I often take an old tooth brush with cleaning detergent or bleach and it does the trick.

Finally, when storing your shoes, I would recommend putting a dryer sheet or a tea bag in them especially if you store them in boxes (this will also prevent them from getting smelly!). Of course, I’ll usually keep them on a shoe rack without doing this when it’s sneaker season; but in the winter, I store them in a closet or in plastic storage boxes which is when this trick comes in handy.

I hope this article made you fall in love with sneakers all over again, and that you’ll go get yourself a new pair very soon!

Until next time,

Romina B-D


One thought on “How to Wear Sneaker Style Shoes by Romina B-D

  1. Richard Laperrière says:

    Bravo Romina

    Très bon article.

    Relit ton dernier paragraphe

    “Go get yourself new a pair very soon”

    “Go get yourself a new pair very soon


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