Rumble Apparel: Where You Will Find Every Season’s Five Fashion Must-Haves by Sonia Mahajan

Five. That’s the lucky number of essential items dropped every season by Canadian fashion’s up-and-coming Rumble Apparel. Founded by the perfect pair Liann Sun and Lilian Lin who fittingly met eight years ago on Rumble Street where Rumble Apparel was born into existence. Lilian’s eye for design and Liann’s head for business harmonized effortlessly to create a brand engaged with tackling the ethical and accessible fashion to everyday women and girls.

“Everyone struggles between wanting to be their own bosses and having to conform to a certain standard, so we were really lucky to be able to pursue the former,” reflected Liann.

Keeping it simple to their five essentials provides easily flustered shoppers, such as myself, a straightforward, yet meaningful, palette to choose from. It’s also helpful to mix and match different pieces from their collection to fill in the blanks of our closets.

Liann pointed out that, “living in a culture of hoarding comes at a cost not only to your bank account, but also for the people who work for mass manufacturers.” In fact, Lilian makes it a point to visit outsourced production sites to ensure Rumble stays true to their policy of quality, small quantity and fair labor.

Rumble blends simple streetwear style with textured, edgy designs. Take “the Mock” from their latest collection for example. This piece incorporates the mainstream fad of sheer this season with an elegant turtle neck finish – the perfect combination of bold and classy. And while sheer may not appeal to everyone, pieces like “the Mock” can be incorporated underneath classic tee’s like “Savage” and “It’s Lit” a little extra protection from the wind.

However, the versatility of this brand is not only reflected in their chic clothing designs, but also in the implementation of their fashion philosophy.

Since blogging has become a staple of the twenty-first century, Rumble has taken a unique blog style approach to marketing their brand and their message of inclusivity. Rumble has constructed lookbooks with models from all colors, races, sizes, and sexes to encourage a kind of fashion therapy. Instead of simply posing, the core part of their models’ jobs is to answer four core questions: With no inhibitions, where do you ideally see yourself in 10 years? What is a perceived flaw you have, how are you growing? What’s something you find miraculous about life? How are you living out the Rumble Concept? Their answers embody the Rumble message as a whole, and constructed a strong sense of community, or as Liann likes to call it, a “girl gang”.

As Liann stated, “We respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn’t disrespect anybody’s existence.”

Need another reason beyond cutting edge new looks and its platform for inclusivity to shop at Rumble? Rumble represents tangible action at the grassroots level, which pushes towards reinstating confidence in women and their closets. It is refreshing to see the real people behind the flashy photographs – to realize that they are real people endorsing real meanings of fashion. Everyday aspects of human life need to be celebrated and acknowledged as the norm in the fashion industry.

Stay tuned for more from these two fashion moguls as they launch their five essentials for June. Rumble Apparel can be purchased online at their website, and you can learn more about their work on Instagram and Facebook.


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