Hannah by David Cash


In 2017, vintage is back with a vengeance. Celebrity stylists have been pulling more inspiration than ever from decades of the past, and frankly I love it! Vintage has been in for a while, but in the past few years we’ve seen a more mainstream trend start to really take form. From Metallica band shirts, to Velvet Underground oval sunglasses, to thrifted flannels and jackets— it’s anything goes when it comes to vintage clothing (as long as it’s styled well).
I approached Hannah Kalman to do a shoot and she suggested that we might be able to pull some looks from her friend Irving’s apartment. Irving has a vast collection of rock memorabilia, antiques, and vintage designer finds. We compiled a few of our favourite available looks that we put together and are excited to share them with you! While these types of pieces may not be practical to incorporate into your day to day wardrobe—they’ll hopefully act as some style inspiration for you to venture out of your comfort zone, dress more boldly, and ultimately, make a statement. In the immortal words of Coco Chanel: “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” So without further ado, here are some of the looks that we shot, and some of the thought processes we had while putting together this super eccentric spread.


Latex and Lace: Hannah styled this pink, frilly, military jacket with a slick, thick black choker, and black tights. She also incorporates a few stone beaded bracelets and rings, as well as a red hermes bracelet (not pictured). This is of the most wearable pieces out of these looks—and this, or anything similar, would be sure to make a statement in place of a party dress or power suit.


Shanti: This look is less wearable, yet something similar could work quite well for a more avant garde look. Hannah channeled Michael Jackson in a top hat, with this classic blue military jacket, complete with 3 sets of brass buttons. We found the birdcage in Irving’s apartment and realized that it would be a great addition to the show, allowing us to tell more of a story with these photos. The shoot is named after her late feathered pet, Shanti, and the fact that the cage matches the buttons on her jacket is a very happy coincidence.

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