How to Rock a Polo Sweater by Rohan Dutt

Rohan 1Is there a way to look casual whilst keeping it classy, yet not being too formal? Of course there is!

I present to you the timeless classic: sweater and collared polo –T combination! This look is a staple of mine (and should be yours too) in the cold Canadian weather, solving both the issue of warmth and style. But even whilst being covered up, you will leave the ladies wanting to see a lot more 😉

Although there are a number of sweater styles, this article will feature the common crew and V-neck sweaters. My personal favourite is the V-neck sweater, because it works on most body types or physiques. However, there are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Firstly, for V-neck sweaters, avoid looking sloppy! The idea of this look is to keep it classy so make sure you tuck in those collar tips! In addition, ensure that the V isn’t so wide that it creates a gap between the collar tips and the sweater.
  • For crew/round necks, I generally like to tuck them out but with the base of the tips touching the sweater.rohan 2.png
  • You can also reduce the pretentious vibe generally associated with polos by a wearing V –neck that isn’t too deep. This is supposed to be a sophisticated casual look, not something you could end up wearing to the gym. If you’re unsure whether your V-neck is too deep, it’s probably too deep. (Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be wondering!).rohan 3
  • For all sweaters, try to wear something that’s fitted to your body; or at least make sure that the shoulder seams line up with your shoulders as much as possible. A baggy sweater gives off a sloppy impression, making you look like you extended your bulking phase unnecessarily. Besides, you want the sleeves to hug your arms, but just enough for the ladies to want to hug them too!
  • If your sleeves are too loose, you’ll look like a wizard; but if your sleeves are too tight, your forearms will be exposed!
  • Colour wise, it’s always good to invest in darker colours like a black, navy or even grey. These colours are so versatile; they can probably go with most items in your wardrobe
    • Extra style tip: Don’t be shy, add a tie! If you want to be a little more fancy/formal, throw in a matching tie like so: Wear this entire look under your winter coat if you like!


This look can never go out of style, and neither should your image. Trust me when I say, a little extra style can go a long way! Keep it classy gents, ladies need their eye candy too 😉

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