Harper by Sophie Chamberland

laura athleisure

When it comes to fashion in Vancouver, style can be divided into three dominant categories. The first being ‘athleisure’, which is essentially where comfortable streetwear and workout clothing intersect. The second being casual everyday wear, outfits that playfully mix and match colours, patterns, textures, you name it. The third being clothing tailored specifically to nightlife. Keeping in mind that West coast fashion is generally more relaxed than the Eastern parts of Canada, here Harper wears three of her favourite outfits for when she takes on the city.


A black bomber is perfect for Vancouver weather, allowing her to stay protected from the rain while moving away from the traditional, hackneyed raincoat. She pairs the jacket with a light grey knit sweater which both keeps her warm and adds an unique texture to what could otherwise be workout outfit. Harper chooses a black capri-style cut-off legging, accompanied by simple black and white runners to complete the look: a Pacific Northwest staple look.

Next, Harper wears a pink suede jacket with a vintage band tee, cut-off frayed blue jeans and short black booties. While the baby pink tone offers an eye-catching pop, the vintage band tee brings a relaxed feel to the rest of the ensemble. You can never go wrong with blue jeans, naturally elongating the legs with short black leather boots. This look is perfect for an easygoing day out with friends, shopping, or running errands!

laura 2

harper outfit 1Lastly, solid coloured pieces constitute much of what can be considered appropriate for nightlife in Vancouver. Here Harper wears a camel coloured trench, a white fitted top with a mid-length black leather pencil skirt and leopard print heeled booties. This classy look combines the trench coat for protection from the rain with basic pieces that are easily accessible and low-maintenance. The heels add a playfulness stemming from variations with texture and pattern, which contrast the earth tones of the outfit itself.

Three Vancouver-inspired outfits, all worn by the lovely Harper Watson.




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