Travel Fashion Guide: Iceland Edition by Megi Beqiri

It all started with a spontaneous decision, my two best-friends, a readily available credit card, and a desire for change.

Fast forward a few days and into a 6-hour flight, where I found myself in Reykjavik, Iceland. Cold, clueless and without sleep, I had only two questions in mind:

What am I doing here?pic 1  And then naturally, what does one wear in Iceland?

As a Canadian traveller from Montreal, I really had no idea what to expect. Wool sweaters, ripped jeans, leather, fur? What is fashionable in Reykjavik apart from Viking helmets?

And yes, although traditional (ridiculous) Icelandic wool sweaters were a HOT commodity – literally, everyone wore them.

As I came to discover, fashion in Reykjavik embodied a spirit of simplicity, a vibrancy and a positive energy so powerful that it filled the people of Iceland with confidence, passion and a deep desire for life.

These are my FIVE fashion tips for surviving Iceland without sacrificing style:

1.Bundle up and make your momma proud!

Layering up in Iceland is truly, an art. With significant weather changes and most of your days spent out for hours, I cannot recall how many times my mother’s loud voice reminding me to wear more layers came ringing through my ear.

Seriously, wear lots and lots and lots of layers. I’m talking: tank top, long sleeves, sweaters (wool of course), hat, many many scarves, leggings, jeans, two pairs of socks and waterproof boots.

pic 2

Iceland is a natural beauty full of glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls. So, when you’re out hunting for the Northern Lights at 2am, you’ll be thankful for all those layers.

Besides, it’s a chance to finally make our mother’s proud, for once.

pic 3 

2.Be Vibrant!

Contradictory to its name, Iceland is a bright country with colour – EVERYWHERE! Not only are their cities full of colourful street art, but so are their boutiques.

pic 4My tip: pick one staple item and make it vibrant! You’ll embody the Icelandic spirit and in the simplicity of it all, it will make for totally artsy pictures!

Don’t forget – a pop of bright lipstick goes a long way!


3.Get Inspired by Your Surroundings!

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere, and in Iceland – I found it from my natural surroundings. With large contrasts in colour, from icy white to warm browns, allow your outfits to reflect your environment.

During my time in Iceland, I adopted many personalities based on the outfits I wore – a farm girl, a Viking in the Arctic, and a city girl in Reykjavik!

Don’t be afraid to stand out, but also blend in to what you’re feeling and what is surrounding you.

pic 5

4.Prepare to be Glamorous for a Night Out! 

Biggest surprise about Icelanders: THEY LOVE TO DRESS UP FOR A NIGHT-OUT.

Dress codes are taken seriously, and if you’re ever interested in seeing tall Thor-like beauties walking around in suits, any Friday or Saturday night in Reykjavik is the place to be. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to bring out your sexiest heels, tight black dresses and chokers (of course). Gentleman, you’re expected to be in a blazer, that’s right, not V-necks, nice jeans (not usually ripped) and dress shirts!

There’s no such thing as too sexy in Iceland, so don’t be afraid to take risks!

5.Prep that bikini bod!pic 6

Finally, don’t forget to bring your bikini bod and most flattering bathing suit! Based on the current vintage trend, one-pieces were very popular in Iceland, and luckily, I had packed the perfect one!

With hot geothermal spas at every turn, you’ll want to dip into the beautiful mineral waters of Iceland, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.


Already booked your ticket? I thought so.

Happy travelling xx,

Megi B

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