Bringing Back the Fanny Pack by Devina Puri

The fanny pack, a.k.a. the bumbag, may seem super 80’s/90’s to you, but in the last year and a half, it has been making a strong comeback. At first the new emergence of these fanny packs was confusing – why were girls in their mid teens using a bag that my parents used to use maybe 25 years ago!?

For one, the fanny pack is extremely practical. This little pack fits perfectly around your waist and the multiple pockets allow you to safely secure your belongings for convenient use later. But if you explore deeper into the trend, famous designers have recently been incorporating fanny packs into their seasons collections. Most notably, Alexander McQueen in their Pre Fall 2016 look.

Besides the recent trend of wearing fanny packs to festivals, there is definitely other occasions where they serve as the perfect compliment to an outfit.

My light baby pink fanny pack is a perfect addition to a smart casual preppy look – (yes – channel your inner mom!). With a nice pair of white jeans and a grey sweater, a fanny pack adds a pop of colour and obvious practicality. So, next time you’re going to brunch and don’t want to be bothered with a cumbersome handbag, consider a fanny pack. Who knows, you may just be the next trendsetter in your friend group!

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