Chokers 101 by Shan Wen

Chokers are among one of the many 90s trends making a comeback in the fashion world (and the meme-world!).

But the question remains, how does one wear chokers without appearing trashy or jumping onto the bandwagon?

  1. THE BASIC: The basic style of chokers, which is also the one I started with, are the stretchy type that cling to your neck, making it look like a tattoo. What I absolutely adore about this choker is how easy it is to wear. All you have to do is pull the stretchy material over your head, pull down, and let it snap to your neck! The basic choker can be worn with anything no matter where you’re going. I’ve even worn it to the gym a few times… but I find that it works best with casual streetwear.


  1. THE LACE: The lace choker is super girly and cute. I first spotted this choker style on my roommate when she wore it with a deep-v, backless, black bodysuit. The lace added a classy, feminine touch to the elegance of the entire outfit.
  1. THE LONG WRAP CHOKER: To be perfectly honest, the first time I saw the long-wrap chocker, I thought it was a shoelace tied around someone’s neck! However, it quickly started to grow on me. The biggest benefit to the long wrap choker is its versatility; you can wrap or tie it however you like. I find it looks best with deep v-neck blouses. I would also recommend saving this piece for more business-casual outfits.


  1. THE GLAM CHOKER: Saving the best for last! Honestly, it is my lifelong dream to own a diamond choker. The gem stones and decorations are sure make a statement for a glam night out. Best of all, the glam choker is the easiest to DIY (click here for a tutorial on how to make your own).


ONE FINAL TIP: Chokers do not have to be worn on their own. Layering them with longer necklaces is always a good option because it adds a little bit of a bohemian vibe to your look. In other words, experiment with different kinds of chokers as much as you can to explore which style works best for you.

On that note, please keep this trend alive for as long as possible, because, as my inner 90s girl would say, I seriously dig chokers.

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