Grassroots Fashion Starts at Corail Blanc by Sonia Mahajan

What they do.

I discovered Corail Blanc on a retail therapy expedition, and fell in love instantly. This boutique store showcases accessory items, specifically jewelry, exclusively handmade from designers around the Montreal area, and as far as Australia. The designs are elegant in form, with clean lines and distinct shapes. The products maintain an organic and earthy vibe, which is reflected in the ambiance of the store.

17093985_756706491161326_97016542_n          17035224_756706474494661_1154526465_n

I had purchased a choker-style necklace from Corail Blanc earlier in the year, and received a compliment on the piece whenever I wore it out. But, this is no ordinary choker – every time I wore it, I discovered a new way to wear it, which maximized its value and use. So far, I have tried wearing it wrapped around my neck multiple times, slinging the beads around my back, and wearing it long.


With Christmas around the corner, I returned to pick up a gift for my mom. The reaction to the minimalist-style bracelet I bought her garnered a lot of attention among her clients, who were inspired to find something as unique. Based on all the attention the pieces I purchased from Corail Blanc had received, I returned to find out more about the business itself.

Who they are.

Lindsay Clark always had a dream of opening a little shop with a key every morning. Clark studied fashion marketing at Lasalle College in Montreal and knew immediately that she did not want to work in a corporate environment. As a personable individual, she wanted to engage with people in her community, and intertwine all aspects of her education –marketing, sales, and design – into one idea. For four years, she labored over Corail Blanc, and almost one and a half years ago finally began to see her dreams come true. With the help of her family, Clark designed and set up the store in the hub of entertainment in Montreal on Saint-Laurent.

17094030_756706494494659_965167516_n     17035310_756706487827993_1919173493_n.jpg

Why they do it.

Clark explained that, “I showcase local designers, and everything in the store is handpicked and handmade by them…It’s like every time I sell a piece, I feel proud of my designers knowing all the hard work they put into their products.” Everything from the décor, to the product has a personal connection. In fact, during the interview, she was able to tell me everything about the designer of the necklace that I had bought from her.

The necklace I had bought, as she explained, was handmade by a stay-at-home mother of two, who Clark happened to discover through social media. This particular designer became so popular that her husband quit his job to help manage the growth of her business.

“There is so much local talent out there that is waiting to be discovered,” exclaimed Clark.

Where they are.

Check out Corail Blanc at 3652 St-Laurent; and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on their products.

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