Leg Warmth Reinvented by Emily Chackowicz

Canada gets cold. The weather drops and we are faced with the awful ultimatum:  style or warmth?

I find that most people tend to bulk up on sweaters, scarves and jackets creating an inverted triangle to their appearance. Not only does this throw the eye off, but simply layering on top neglects the warmth that your legs need.

It’s no surprise why I still see people trying to rock ripped jeans in the winter; they add something extra to your look. Whether you’re into the classic slits-at-the-knee or you prefer rips and holes all over, ripped jeans add something visually interesting to your legs.

The problem is that a rip leaves exposed skin, which makes you colder. I see people waiting at the bus stop, tugging at the bottom of the rip attempting to cover more skin. Some might say “don’t bother wearing ripped clothing, but I disagree.”

Over the years, I’ve developed my own methods of how to layer on the bottom. Not only will these tricks help keep you warm, but they will also help maximize your wardrobe, adding versatility and practicality to your favourite summer staples. I find these tips create a balance in my look.

All you need is pair of nude, footless dance tights. Nude tights are perfect because they mimic the look of skin while protecting your legs from the harsh weather. You can keep the aesthetic of ripped jeans without compromising style or practicality. Another benefit to this secret trick is that you don’t have to worry about panty lines because they will mask them regardless of your panty preference. What’s even better is that nude tights don’t break the bank; a quick search online and I found them to be priced between $10 – $15.


If ripped jeans aren’t your thing and prefer a classic non-distressed pair, an absolute layering staple for me is fleece lined leggings. They are warmer than your standard cotton legging and are perfect for layering under your jeans regardless of their cut. Not only do they help keep you warm but if your jeans have sadly started to stretch out, they will fill in those gaps ensuring that the fabric molds to your body like a glove. These are also budget-friendly with the average price ranging from $10 – $ 20. Due the material being thicker and because you’re wearing them under your pants, I have never had a pair rip on me like typical cotton leggings thus making these a one-time purchase. I bought my first pair in the winter of 2012 and they’re still going strong (I do have a few pairs for hygienic reasons since I wear them daily).  Even if you choose to not constantly wear them under pants, they’re fantastic as just leggings or under dresses or skirts because they are warmer than typical cotton pair.

Winter may attempt to take away the feeling from just about every part of our body but we’re better than that both visually and mentally.

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